Meu & Magical Book

Meu Stories Started With The Magical Book

Meu Bubs is a new Australian kids fashion label launching for Summer 2020.

We are producing High-quality T-shirts with unique designs of Meu’s adventures. Inspired by Meu’s stories, we are trying to encourage kids to dream big and enjoy their childhood life.

Meu has a magic book. The magic book helps Meu to visualize his dreams and takes him to different places in the world. The Adventures started form where Meu finds a street library in their neighbourhood, In that library Meu finds a magical book with blank pages, then suddenly fantasies appear on the pages of the book.

The magical book helps Meu to imagine my dreams and takes Meu to different places in the world.

If you had a magical book what would you do? Where would you go? What’s your dream? 

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